ANIMAL WHISPERER: Wild Conversations

Book Cover Animal Whisperer

Animal Whisperer: Wild Conversations is for animal lovers who know our fur, finned, scaled, and feathered companions are sentient beings who can think, feel and communicate with us. In this book, they offer messages through the author, using their own language, telepathy, to pass on their points of view.

You’ll meet cats who agreed to come inside at dusk, defying their desires to be nocturnal, as a gift to their beloved people. Meet Dokie, a dog whose people wanted him not to dig. Dokie wanted his people to know how much he loved that activity and offered a perfect solution to resolve this conflict. Hear about a cow who endured the trauma of two stillborn births but complied with Suzan’s request to embrace and nurture an orphaned 2-month-old calf. Many species are represented, including horses, rodents, felines, canines, and aquatic animals.

These stories are about negotiations Animal Communication Specialist and Author Suzan Vaughn has made, and the animals have kept. With over 25 years as an animal communicator and 30 years plus as an intuitive counselor, Suzan’s anecdotal evidence is inspiring. For the skeptic, other experienced animal communicators offer their views on the nature of this emerging body of work.

Animal Whisperer: Wild Conversations illustrates how telepathy works in our profession and offers evidence of this ancient mind-to-mind silent language of the heart and soul.

Dispatches from the Ark: Pages from a Pet Psychic’s Notebook

Dispatches from the Ark: Pages from a Pet Psychic’s Notebook

Dispatches from the Ark: Pages from a Pet Psychic’s Notebook is for anyone who has ever loved an animal or wondered if it is possible to have more direct communication with our animal friends.

Author Suzan Vaughn tells the reader what the animals have to say about why they behave in certain ways, how their behavior can be changed, and how an animal communicator can act as a negotiator between humans and other species.

Both pet lovers and people on a spiritual journey will treasure this book. You’ll read about miraculous changes taking place in the hours, days, and sometimes moments following a pet psychic session, Learn handy tips on how to talk to your own pets, fix a problematic behavior, heal a trauma, and even bargain with insects.

Among the many animals, you’ll meet is Blue, an Australian cattle dog who needs a job, and Pythia, a cat with an exotic past. You’ll also be introduced to Chestnut, a horse stabled after his racing career comes to an end, and discover what the lives of a herd of burros were like before they were adopted into virtual donkey heaven in Washington state.

Dispatches from the Ark illustrates how telepathy works on a practical level, shows how it can lead to healing, and offers an educated opinion on the limitations of this fascinating non-verbal method of communication.

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Dear Oprah: Confessions of a Middle-Class White Girl

They say confession is good for the soul and what better person, what safer person than Oprah Winfrey to lay open the heart and reveal those places in the psyche that are secret and shut away. With Oprah’s candidness about her own personal journey inspiring all of us to be more authentically who we are, this book is about revealing the innermost and usually unshared perspective of one white woman toward other races, predominantly African Americans.

Dear Oprah: Confessions of a Middle Class White Girl risks the telling of other confessions too, including the admission of personal prejudices, and unorthodox modes of healing the soul, the psyche and the physical body, along with a difficult father-daughter relationship.

The parade of programs and experts offered by the OWN Network and the Oprah Winfrey Show are mentioned with gratitude for the expert and free guidance along the path of a difficult journey to wholeness. And it is a salute to the Queen of All Media for her willingness to forge a path toward positive television programming that changes lives.